Studio Bloom | Architecture + Design





Practice Ethos


Studio Bloom is a young architectural practice that specialises in contemporary and sustainable design.


We use tactile and beautifully crafted materials to create individual and exquisite buildings that are uniquely of their place and imbued with the aspirations of their persons. Be it a large corporate office building or a small gem of a residential dwelling.



Design Approach


Our approach to a project is through the understanding of a site, with it’s unique environmental qualities and constraints, coupled with a thorough interpretation of the client’s brief, we design from the inside out. The internal plan of a proposal is the most important element, from which, combined with a thorough understanding of site and context, an informed architectural concept can be developed.


At Studio Bloom we pride ourselves on our process and relationship with our clients. We offer bespoke design solutions, tailored to and reflective of each individual client’s requirements, personalities and aspirations.



Work With Us


We only have one planet and it is our responsibility to look after it. Therefore Studio Bloom’s approach to design is deeply rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness.



If you feel that these are values and qualities that you identify with we would love to work with you to help create and realise your projects. Please get in touch and we look forward to meeting you.