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Goat Hill House | Private dwelling East Sussex

Client: Private

Location: East Sussex

Area: 300 sqm

Status: Planning

Project undertaken at ARC-ML

The proposal is for a pavilion house dwelling, comprised of three distinct volumes and nestled into a hillside.


The three main volumes of the dwelling are arranged around an external courtyard garden, with the fourth side open to the south and countryside beyond. The main living space is within the ground floor of the larger 2 storey volume, with a master bedroom above the main entrance hall, an additional bedroom wing is also accessed via a glazed link from the main entrance hall and is set up a few steps into the hillside above. The third and smallest volume is the snug, located off the living area and accessed via a stepped glazed link.


The living areas open up to the south with large windows and glazed doors to maximise direct sun and sunny aspects within the courtyard garden, whilst the north is a more closed facade to respect privacy of the neighbours and respond to the shady side of the plot.