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Sugar House Lane Offices | East London


Location: Stratford, London

Area: 30,000 sqm

Value: £60m

Status: Pre-Tender























Project undertaken at ARC-ML

The Sugar House Lane Offices are three office buildings to the north of a wider masterplan site owned by investors Vastint UK. The project comprises of 30,000 square meters of office, retail and gastronomy. The architectural concepts for the offices are influenced by the industrial heritage of the immediate historical context at Strand East as well as a wider appreciation & desire for the flexible, attractive spaces that industrial buildings can offer.


The key design criteria addressed included:


Internal tenant division: designing for a deep-plan footprint as a response to the permission outline planning.


Entrances: creating a logical & accessible entrance sequence to announce the buildings and allow flexible, sized units for business and retail at ground floor which are not interrupted by office entrances.


Core: creating a logical design that can be replicated between all 3 buildings.


Levels & Accessibility: coordination with the landscape design to ensure the buildings are logically accessible.


Pavilion Building: Located within the chimney walk the pavilion, small in scale and centred on one of the existing & retained chimneys of note. It will be a space ideal for social interaction.


Basement: to accommodate car & cycle parking and shared technical equipment strategies.


Facade Design: to be considered as a variation on a set of themes to relate but differentiate the 3 buildings. With consideration of how the High Street reads as a progression from the warehouse feel of the North East Quarter through the more contemporary office use of the Sugar House Lane Offices to the larger mass of the adjacent hotel plot, to ensure the composition reads as logical and progressive.


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