Studio Bloom | Architecture + Design

Automotive | An Office Concept

Client: Lucas Fitout

Location: Woking

Area: 66,415 sq ft

Value: undisclosed

Status: Concept



Studio Bloom were approached by Lucas Fit Out to explore a concept layout for a prestigious automotive company.


The concept was to produce an internal layout and appraisal of an existing modern office building in Woking. Aspects of heritage, precise engineering and contemporary methods of working were combined to create a unique space suited to the workflows of the company.


The ground floor entrance area creates the first impression for the new office building. An F1 motorcar creates the centrepiece for the contemporary, sleek reception area. The car is sunk into the floor slab, lit, with glass floor over the top. The car can be replaced/ updated for each new season.


Each typical floor has a reception alcove with distinctive signage to orientate the employee. Conference rooms are located behind these reception areas with smart glass to create opaque privacy for presentations & meetings.


Flexible workspace and an open plan office is created with varied seating & desk arrangements support full computer workstation, high desks and sofas allow for informal laptop working. Acoustically private collaborative meeting spaces, modular design to accommodate between 2 - 6 people allow quiet, private areas within the predominantly open plan space. Green walls & planters create acoustic attenuation & visual privacy between work spaces. A Prototyping Workshop space is provided with 3D printer, material store & workbench to enable engineers to test prototypes and make models.


One of the key features of the building is a large atrium to the south side of the building, which allows daylight to the office areas as well as an opportunity to do something creative with this vast vertical element. A green/ living wall was therefore proposed to the back wall of the atrium, this will give a natural soft outlook from the clean lines and digital screens of the office spaces throughout the building.


The fifth floor provides a cafe area with large breakout seating areas, hot desking, space for 100+ folding chairs for company presentations and an external terrace for yoga, BBQs & social functions.


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