Studio Bloom | Architecture + Design

Dragon Building | Primary School Greenwich

Client: Cherry Orchard Primary School

Location: Greenwich

Area: 40 sqm

Value: £80k

Status: Planning


This project is for an extension to a Primary School in Greenwich.  The extension is to create a new teaching space for SENCO classes, which include a lot of physical activities as well as sensory learning and the space must be flexible to many uses.


The specialist SENCO teaching needs are balanced against the context of the existing site and environmental factors. We worked closely with a SENCO teacher throughout the design process, she helped us create a space that responds and supports the requirements and challenges faced by SENCO learning.


The resulting building is a playful, top lit space, clad in timber with a lot of built-in storage and flexibility to allow a multitude of sensory activities to take place. The use of natural materials will provide a calming space for the children to learn in and a dynamic design is hoped to create a building where the children don't feel the stigma that can be attached to specialist learning.


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