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Studio Bloom | Architecture + Design

Groombridge Men's Shed | A Community Project

Client: Groombridge Men in Sheds

Location: Groombridge

Area: 54 sqm

Value: £10k

Status: Planning


Studio Bloom have been working with the members of the Groombridge Men’s Shed club to help them with a design for their new community shed. After many design workshops and discussions with the Parish Council, District Council & members of the village, the GMS is now in for planning.


The proposed form of the new shed is a very simple one, with the archetypal ‘shed’ gable end facing the car park, with the Men’s Shed signage to indicate its presence and location within the site. The pitched roof allows the eaves to remain low whilst giving a greater sense of space internally towards the vaulted ridge. The pitched roof and triangulated geometry creates a strong roof form to be resilient against any stray twigs and branches. Given it’s proximity to a couple of mature oak trees this is an important design factor.


Men’s Sheds is a National Organisation originally set up by Age UK but which has now grown and developed into a free standing entity.


Loneliness and low self esteem amongst men particularly, but not exclusively, among the retired has become a recognised social issue. The purpose of a Men’s Shed is therefore to provide a facility where men can meet regularly, talk, share practical skills in making/ repairing things either for themselves or for others, and come away feeling fulfilled. Men Sheds also get involved in community projects helping to maintain parks and green spaces and making things for schools, libraries, and the like. Further details of Men’s Sheds as an organisation may be found on


Groombridge Men’s Shed (GMS) was originally conceived in early 2019 and is now a properly constituted Society with a Committee and 50 locally based members.


+44 (0)1892 459183