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Permitted Development | Do I need planning permission?


15th July 2019


"Do I need planning permission" is one of the key questions we get from homeowners looking to extend, upgrade or improve their properties in and around Tunbridge Wells. The planning process can be a bit of a minefield with many different national and local policies that govern what may or may not be permitted on any given plot or property.



Permitted Development

In certain cases home extensions may be permitted without the need for a full planning application. This can be a great thing for homeowners as it not only saves money but also time, as the planning application process usually takes a minimum of 8 weeks to process from the day of submission and a fee is required to validate the application. It is our area of expertise to help our client’s to create a space that falls within permitted development guidelines from the outset.

A permitted development rear & side extension to an existing house in Tunbridge Wells

Rear & Side Extensions

Studio Bloom have worked on a number of small side and rear extensions for various clients, to create open plan kitchen - diners and family rooms that open up and connect to their gardens. Many of these have been design to specifically fall within permitted development parameters, to ensure that a planning application isn’t necessary.

A design for a spacious rear extension to an existing house in Tunbridge Wells

Camden Park


A Modern Family Extension

Permitted Development Guidelines

There are certain stipulations relating to material choices, ridge heights and building depths that govern whether or not a design may fall under permitted development. Additional considerations such as whether or not the building lies within a conservation area or is listed will effect the potential of a permitted development design.

An internal view of a permitted development rear extension to an existing house in Eastbourne

Lawful Development Certificate

A certificate of lawful development can be applied to gain a formal consent that the proposals comply with permitted development. This can be useful if you come to sell your property as this will register on the solicitor’s searches and provide a guarantee that the additions are lawful.


What could I do to my Home

Contact us now to set up an initial free consultation to explore whether or not your home could benefit from a permitted development extension.



For further information relating to all the caveats and permeations for permitted development consult the government guidelines and the national planning portal:


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