A Grade II Listed Gem

Our wonderfully creative clients approached Studio Bloom to help them with a masterplan for developing their beautiful Grade II listed Farmhouse, along with a number of existing and proposed outbuildings.

This case study looks at the recently successful planning and listed building consents for the refurbishment of the Bakehouse. An historic gem of a building, with a fascinating local history, the proposal is to convert this into the main kitchen for the farmhouse and to do so we have designed a light-weight glass and steel link.

Balancing practicality with the preservation of the historic character and fabric of the existing buildings has been a complex and intricate task. We are looking forward to developing the detail for this design.

Project Status: Pre-construction

Local Authority: Maidstone District Council

Project Size: 46sqm

We’ve been working closely with our brilliant clients, planning consultant, conservation and planning officers at Maidstone Borough Council to create a scheme sensitive to the historic fabric of the existing Bakehouse and farmhouse while delivering a beautiful, well-thought-out and functional space.

To do this we are proposing an enclosed link structure that connects the Bakehouse with the main Farmhouse, incorporating an existing but covered-over well. The idea is to restore and illuminate this well, covering it with a glass structure to become a part of the link building. This requires expanding the link structure beyond the footprint of the existing flat roof - currently connecting the buildings. Justifying this additional mass and how this has been expressed has been key to unlocking the permission.

The proposed part of the main link structure is steel and glass, slender and lightweight, heralding a ‘contemporary addition’ distinct from the existing heritage fabric. The second or rear part of the link structure involves a 45-degree pitched roof with reclaimed tiles and an internally exposed oak structure. This links the space with the existing oak of the Farmhouse and Bakehouse doors, minimising intrusion into the historic fabric.

The new link floor will be laid with stone flags, continuing to the rear patio, seamlessly blending with the garden. The link remains a part of the garden rather than elevated to the house’s interior.

We’re excited to share this project with you as it unfolds. There are so many details and intricacies, this post barely scratches the surface!


If you own a listed property and require assistance in negotiating a proposal with the Local Authority's planning and listed building departments, Studio Bloom can help. We are dedicated to preserving and respecting heritage buildings, and our team of expert consultants can guide you through the process. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.